Koeppel Kares about our community and we love our friends and neighbors as if they were family.
Today’s blog post is a list of easy tips for us all to support each other by giving back to our community and caring for one another.

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  • Check on the chronically ill, disabled, and elderly members of your local community.  Although many cities and businesses are beginning to reopen, there are still many members of our neighbourhoods that are high-risk and continuing to self isolate.  Reach out to your family members or neighbours to see if any of them could use a helping hand. Consider doing a grocery run, dropping off some home-cooked meals, offering to pick up their medication, or lend a hand in household tasks. Remember to mask up and sanitize your hands when visiting those who are high-risk.

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  • Donate protective gear and PPE to local organizations and schools. Consider organizing a collection drive or ordering a few extras than you need.  Some local schools are reopening, or have at-risk children who must enter the building to receive adequate education and resource support. Your donation of masks, gloves, or sanitizer can be immensely helpful to educators and students in keeping them safe.  Local food banks, food kitchens, and family or homeless shelters can also benefit from masks, disinfectants, and sanitizer as donations.

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  • Create shelf-stable care packages for the homeless and distribute them. Our most vulnerable citizens need our help to remain safe and secure, especially with the colder months approaching.  Creating support packs of supplies such as basic first aid, shelf stable food such as canned goods or protein bars, bottled water, toothbrushes, toiletries, gloves, masks, and sanitizer can be a vital resource aid for those without shelter.  Consider also taking up a collection of winter weather essentials and prepare packages ahead for the cold months.

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  • Foster or adopt a rescue animal from a local shelter.  With all of the time we’re spending at home due to Work-From-Home or Home Schooling or self-isolation, why not devote some of it to giving a rescued animal a little bit of comfort. Taking in a rescue animal as an adoption or a foster can help reduce the need for staff at shelters and ease the burden of caring for many animals at once.  If you’re not able to adopt, consider also donating old blankets, old pillows, bowls, leashes, kitty litter, potty pads, food, and bottled water to the animal shelters.


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