Let Koeppel Kares and Animal Care Centers of NYC help you find your new BFF!


Pet Adoptions Are Good For You and Great for Shelter Rescues

Did you know that Pet Parents report feeling happier and healthier?  In a new study conducted by Rover.com, 93% of folks who adopted a pet during the pandemic reported an increase in mental and physical wellbeing, and 80% report that it made WFH life more enjoyable.

Do you want to feel happier and healthier, too? We can help you on your way to fur-parent bliss, so come and find your new furry pal at one of our upcoming charitable adoption events!

In July and August, Koeppel Kares will be partnering with Animal Care Centers of NYC to host two special pet adoption events.  Join us at Koeppel Hyundai on July 17th and Koeppel Mazda on August 15th for several hours of live entertainment and fun family activities.  Let us help you find your new best friend and give these wonderful animals a “fur-ever” home!


What to Plan for and Look For When Adopting A Pet

  • Take your time making a decision.  Make a list of qualities and personality traits you and your family would like to have in a family pet. List out the hours per day and per week you will have time to devote to your family pet.  Take care to note your daily patterns and routines, and what size pet and temperament/energy level will fit best with your family’s lifestyle.  Decide who in your family will be the main caregiver, and which tasks will be shared by all the household members as a team.  Bring all of your household members with you to any meet-and-greets to ensure the pet takes to everyone in your household!  Remember, too, that other family pets may need a few introductions and some guidance to be comfortable accepting their new family member.
  • Make sure to budget monthly care costs and set aside an emergency medical budget.  Pet care can add up over time if you’re not properly budgeting!  Be sure to look up the average costs of daily food, routine medicine, average toy prices, and pricing for vet care and pet boarding for your desired pet breed.  Animals need regular check ups just like humans, and sometimes they need sick visits or surgeries. Consider pet insurance or “CareCredit” plans to help cover those costs, but also keeping a small emergency fund on hand can help you feel more secure.
  • Set an appointment to have your pet licensed and microchipped.  To ensure the health and safety of your pet, we recommend fenced areas and always leashing them when outdoors. But we know that accidents happen, and sometimes pets are true escape artists. Ensure they’re safely returned to your home and your family by making sure they’re licensed and registered with your city, and microchipped with your local pet care health provider in case they go missing. Microchips can ensure that a shelter or local citizens can return the pet safely to their home instead of sending it to city animal control and hoping for the best!


Long Term Care and Training of Your New Family Pet


Rover.com also discovered that over 80% of pet owners have expressed anxiety about leaving their pets home alone as they return to work.  But fear not!  There are many wonderful options for pet parents to choose from when it comes to workday pet care.  There are fantastic facilities out there which provide pet training, pet daycare, and group playdates and walks for our beloved furry pals.  Websites such as Rover.com can provide you with an ample list of dog walkers, petcare providers, and other related services.

Likewise, many facilities such as “D is for Doggy” or the “New York Dog Spa and Hotel” can provide longer-term pet care, daily daycare, or drop-in social groups for pets.  Make sure that you keep up to date on vaccinations, licensing, flea/tick/parasite treatments, and that your pets are spayed/neutered if you intend on boarding or signing them up for daycare facilities.  With a little time and research, we know you’ll find the right care for your new furry family member!

Looking for some resources for pet training for your incoming pet pals?

Here are some local pet trainers that have been highly recommended online by local pet parents!

Let us know if you have any pet trainer recommendations of your own, because we’d love to help other pet parents.



Animal Care Centers of NYC Presents


On Saturday, July 17th 2021 from 12PM to 4PM

At Koeppel Hyundai

34-53 44th Street and Northern Boulevard

Long Island City, NY

Animal Care Centers of NYC Presents


On Saturday, August 15th 2021 from 12PM to 4PM

At Koeppel Mazda

77-12 Northern Boulevard

Jackson Heights, NY